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Longarm Quilting Services
Here are some examples of Samantha's work!

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Longarm Services - Paw Patch offers top professional quilting at a reasonable price. There are two price schedules for long arm services.  The first being Edge to Edge pantographs and the second is custom quilting.

  • Edge to Edge or Pantographs is a design that is selected and repeated over and over to cover the entirety of the quilt.  This is the most popular method and the most cost-effective.  Some pantographs start at $0.02 a square inch and go to $0.40 per square inch.  (To price a quilt you will multiply your width times your length ( 83x72 = 5976 square inches, then multiply that by the quilting cost (0.02), 5976x 0.02= $119.52 + $35 (standard loading cost) = $154.52 ) 
  • Custom Quilting -  Custom is just that, anything that is not pantographs.  This requires more planning time with your quilt to achieve that individual look you have been dreaming up.  Custom Quilting starts at $0.07 per square inch.
Backing: Please bring your quilt backing pieced together and ironed. If you do not have a back come in and choose a backing for your beautiful quilt. If you just want to leave the quilt and chosen backing we can piece it together for you.
  • To piece backing: $15.00
Batting:  We suggest to us a good durable batting that will supply your quilt with enough support. We sell Quilter's Dream Batting and if you purchase your batting for your quilt from us you will receive 10% off that purchase. 
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We love our customers!
  • We do not view our customers as just another customer, we view them as friends. Paw Patch is a shop that you can come and just relax and have fun. We are a safe place that you can come and just shop or quilt. Our employees love you guys as much as we love you all. Taking care of you is our most important job we have other than sharing our love of quilting. You will not find another place that services you better in store or own our website.
We have what you want!
  • We have what you want!
    We are also staying up with the newest notions and fabric line and if we do not have it we can order it just for you. Paw Patch loves hearing from our customers, we want to know what you want. That is also true about the classes we offer. We offer what you want to learn. Send us an email and let us know!
We are a Janome Dealer!
  • When you buy a Janome from us, you get a free lesson on the machine and one free cleaning. Because we love our Janome sewing machines so much we offer a Janome Owners class where you learn how to use the different fee and skills using your machine. Each class you will make a project and know how to use that foot! We stand behind our machines and we have machine technicians that will service your machine and have it back to you within a week.