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Rulers for Quilting

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12 1/2" cross hair square (5 point)


12" ARC template Westalee


Apple Core


Artisan Curve #85


Artisan Curve Templates- Curved Marquise 85


Back to Back Circles


Circle Set Jr.

$45.99 $65.99

Circle Wreath Feathered Leaf - Set of 2 templates


Circles On Quilts Long Arm


Circles on Quilts Spinning #26 7.5"


Circles on Quilts Spinning #28


Circles on Quilts Spinning #5


Circles on Quilts Spinning #6 11.5"


Circles on Quilts Spinning Wave Ruler #7


Circles on Quilts Spinning Wheel #27 11.5"


Circles on Quilts Spinning Wheels #1


Circles on Quilts Template Set 3


Circles on Quilts Wreath Template #8


Circles on Quilts- Circles Set 3


Ciricles on Quilts Spinning Wheels


Continuous Rope


Creative Grids Charming Itty Bitty Eights Rectangle XL 8in x 24in Quilt Ruler


Creative Grids Charming Itty Bitty Eights Square XL 15in x 15in Quilt Ruler


Creative Grids Curved Corner Cutter Quilt Ruler


Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Chevy


Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Elvira


Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Taj


Creative Grids Simple 7/8 Triangle Maker Quilt Ruler


Creative Grids Turbo 4-Patch Template Quilt Ruler


Crosshair Ruler 8 Point


Curly Q Spin-E-Fex Set1


Designing with Cross Hairs Book


Feathered Leaf Set of 5 Templates


Feathers Ruler Set 4 Templates


Free Motion Ruler/Frame Quilting Foot


Gadget Girl Grid Ruler 2.5x10.5"


Gadget Girl Motif Feather 2

$31.99 $39.99



Mini Fill Collection


Quick Quarter Tool 12in x 1/2in Previously item QRQQ2


Quilt Class in a Bag Continuum


Simple Circle Set 2


Simple Circle Set Set 1 High Shank


Spacing Gauge


Spin-an-echo template


Spin-e-fex 37 3.5"


Spin-e-fex 4


Spin-e-fex 7


Spin-E-Fex Snowflake Template Set


Spiral Crosshair Ruler 6pt. 12.5"


Template Set Longarm Westalee


The Gypsy Quilter Fabulous Fabric Glide


Wreath Template #22


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