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8 Weight Presencia

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0001 White- Pearl Cotton


0007 Black- Pearl Cotton sz 8


1062 Light Golden Brown-Pearl Cotton


1072 Dark Golden Brown- Pearl Cotton


1137 Pale Yellow- Pearl Cotton


1140 Light Tangerin- Pearl Cotton


1163 Bright Orange-Red- Pearl Cotton


1166 Bright Red- Pearl Cotton


1211 Baby Yellow- Pearl Cotton


1214 Light Yellow- Pearl Cotton


1220 Lemon- Pearl Cotton


1227 Medium Gold- Pearl Cotton


1232 Deep Canary- Pearl Cotton


1237 Tangerine- Pearl Cotton


1301 Very Light Apricot- Pearl Cotton


1307 Light Apricot- Perle Cotton


1314 Apricot- Pearl Cotton


1325 Medium Apricot- Pearl Cotton


1474 Light Coral- Pearl Cotton


1485 Coral- Pearl Cotton


1490 Dark Coral- Pearl Cotton


1651 Medium Rose- Pearl Cotton


1667 Very Dark Rose- Pearl Cotton


1721 Baby Pink- Pearl Cotton


1724 Light Pale Gerani- Pearl Cotton


1729 Pale Geranium- Pearl Cotton


1735 Geranium- Perle Cotton


1742 Dark Geranium- Pearl Cotton


1889 Medium Melon- Pearl Cotton


1895 Dark Melon- Pearl Cotton


1906 Cranberry- Pearl Cotton


1915 Dark Cranberry- Pearl Cotton


1969 Very Light Shell Pink- Pearl Cotton


1975 Med Shell Pink- Pearl Cotton


1984 Med Antique Rs- Pearl Cotton


1996 Dark Antique Rose- Perle Cotton


2240 Dark Mauve- Pearl Cotton


2246 Very Dark Mauve- Pearl Cotton


2323 Cyclamen Pink-Pearl Cotton


2333 Dark Cyclamen Pink- Pearl Cotton


2390 Ultra Light Plum- Pearl Cotton


2606 Light Violet- Pearl Cotton


2615 Violet- Pearl Cotton


2627 Medium Violet- Pearl Cotton


2687 Light Lavender- Pearl Cotton


2699 Med Lavender- Pearl Cotton


2711 Dark Lavender- Pearl Cotton


2720 Very Dark Lavender- Perle Cotton


3000 Ecru- Pearl Cotton


3305 Pale Delft Blue- Pearl Cotton


3312 Med Baby Blue- Pearl Cotton


3319 Dark Baby Blue- Pearl Cotton


3324 Navy Blue- Pearl Cotton


3327 Very Dark Navy Blue- Pearl Cotton


3396 Med Delft Blue- Pearl Cotton


3405 Royal Blue- Pearl Cotton


3411 Very Dark Royal Blue- Pearl Cotton


3556 Light Turquoise- Pearl Cotton


3560 Peacock Blue- Pearl Cotton


3574 Dark Turquoise- Pearl Cotton


3664 Very Dark Turquoise- Pearl Cotton


3670 Ul V Dark Turqos- Pearl Cotton


3802 Very Lightt Sky Blue- Pearl Cotton


3810 Medium Electric Blue- Perle Cotton


3822 Dark Electric Blue- Perle Cotton


4000 Dark Ecru- Pearl Cotton sz 8


4048 Light Seagreen- Pearl Cotton


4059 Med Seagreen- Perle Cotton


4074 Dark Seagreen- Perle Cotton


4218 Seafoam-Perle Cotton


4228 Medium Seafoam- Perle Cotton


4323Very Dark Seafoam- Perle Cotton


4350 Emerald Green- Perle Cotton


4394 Nile Green- Perle Cotton


4561 Light Avacado Green- Perle Cotton


4565 Avacado Green- Perle Cotton


4636 Chartreus- Perle Cotton sz 8


4643 Kelly Green- Perle Cotton sz 8


4652 Green- Perle Cotton


4799 Ultra Light Avacado- Perle Cotton


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